Copyfree: Unfetter your ideas.


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What is Copyfree?

Copyfree is a term used to identify the freedom to copy, use, modify, and distribute what you possess. It is a philosophy that stands in contrast to both copyright and copyleft, in that it does not seek to limit or restrict your rights regarding your possessions at all. Copyfree is not about limited monopoly on the product of the intellect like copyright, nor is it about dictating terms of redistribution like copyleft. It is a policy supporting control over what you possess and allowing others to control what they possess, compatible with motivations for such freedom grounded in creative, legal, moral, philosophical, and technical needs, among others.

This is the home of the Copyfree Initiative, which establishes a definition, maintains a list of licenses, supports a community, and encourages advocacy for copyfree principles.

Copyfree is a policy.

Copyfree refers to a policy of freeing the product of the intellect through licensing. This means that it is open source and free software, but only the freest of open source and free software, and it is also much more than software. Any work subject to copyright licensing at all potentially falls within the purview of a copyfree policy.

Copyfree is a standard.

The Copyfree Standard Definition defines the characteristics of a copyfree work. This standard determines compliance of licenses with copyfree policy. Just as the Open Source Initiative certifies licenses as compliant with the Open Source Definition, and the Free Software Foundation defines licenses as Free or Non-Free Software licenses and as Copyleft or non-Copyleft licenses, so too do we identify licenses as Copyfree Standard Definition compliant or noncompliant. See Copyfree Licenses for a list of licenses certified as conforming to the Copyfree Standard Definition. Check the policy page for more information about CSD certification.

Copyfree is an idea whose time has come.

The following resources are relevant to Copyfree policy and philosophy: